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1. BOPET film production and supply still gap amplification
     A report from the PCI Films Consulting released the latest known, after the shortage of BOPET thin films in 2010, industry has taken active measures, want to ensure that supply will not break again. However, the report for the success of this strategy and not questioned. According to the report, although in recent years the capacity increase "dramatically", in the next three years production will reach about 2000000 tons, but still can not solve the problem of inadequate supply.
2. Europe has tendency to develop thin film photovoltaic
     At present, China's photovoltaic industry, the vast majority of enterprises are concentrated in the amorphous silicon field (except several Chinese, mainly engaged in thin film photovoltaic enterprise). The total number of practitioners and Germany currently in polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon solar cell R & D, production of less than 200 people, but in the past five years, the German government has more than 60% financial aid for thin film solar cell, research funding more than 70% concentrated on the thin film photovoltaic. Thus, as in the photovoltaic field in the European Union's right in Germany, obviously tend to thin film photovoltaic.
3. Chinese plastics machinery market has become an important engine of growth for the global plastics machinery industry
     Chinese market of plastic equipment sales growth to last year's 49400000000 yuan from 34900000000 yuan in 2008. In the past five years, China plastic machinery market has become an important engine of growth for the global plastics machinery industry. In this period, suppliers around the world are pinning their hopes on China market to help them weather the global economic crisis. But the new signs, import machine is encountered some obstacles in the Chinese market, is an important change in the global market and industry.
4. plastic pipe industry slow growth in demand is expected to grow
     Data shows, China plastic pipe industry in the years 2008-2012 yield an average annual increase of 25.7%, rose from 4600000 tons in 2008 to 11000000 tons in 2012. However, the industry is still plagued by overcapacity, even if the current growth has slowed, but the domestic market demand driven by urbanization is still expected to grow.
5. new generation PO "green pipe extrusion production line" first appearance
     Not long ago, Barton Phil of Cincinnati to its partnership with the Danish Labotek plastics machinery and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, will be held in Germany Batengao Yin Haosen equipment demonstration. Demonstration of the latest generation of PO pipe extrusion production line, compared with the previous production line, saving at least 30% in energy consumption. About 75 guests witnessed both environmental protection and economic pipe extrusion production line operating mode.
6. vehicle plastic parts suppliers to expand investment to improve the attention degree
     At present, China has become the world's largest car market, with robust growth prospects. This also means that the plastic equipment demand will remain strong, especially with the world advanced technology, to the local market to bring cost-effective equipment. As the Chinese car market requirements for increasing the quality of supplier of plastic parts, automobile industry supply chain has started to increase the scale of investment.
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