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Future development of plastic products
    With the development of petroleum industry, plastic products factory has gone deep into every corner of people's life, like water into the life of the fine detail, can be said to play a decisive role of plastic products plays a role in people's life. Plastic products with unique lightweight, high plasticity, chemical properties, excellent low price advantage, quickly replaced the large materials, become the most widely used, the highest rate of raw material.
    At the same time, other materials more and more goods are plastic material one one out of the market, many commodities to plastics to make, so inspired plastic product customization market potential, for a time, plastic packaging, plastic parts, plastic furniture, plastic cutlery, plastic books, plastic doors and windows, plastic toys, plastic clothing and other plastic products their debut, created a best-selling products.
    Because of the plastic raw materials of various kinds, different characteristics of plastic products, different function in different applications can be developed,, beyond count, widely used in food, catering, hotel, electronic products, electrical appliance, hardware machinery, chemical supplies, cosmetics, medical drugs, clothing, toys, stationery, transportation and other industries. Can be said that the plastic products customized market potential is very large, there are tens of thousands of products can realize the plastic, not to mention those new products to be developed.
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